I previously had a 1080P 55” Samsung so I was not quite ready for how big the box was or heavy but I was impatient and eager and unboxed it myself, I would definitely recommend 2 people to do it but it does show it’s possible. From there I realized I had to run to the store to buy the needed screws for my wall mount which the information booklet it comes with informed me of exactly which I needed. I was also able to attach the mounting hardware by myself to but did request her help to get the tv up on the wall. Setup of the TV was pretty fast and painless which is always a nice plus once you get it plugged in.

I have seen friends 4K TVs but having my first one mounted on the wall I had to naturally load up some 4K footage right away and it just looks amazing, I am not a TV enthusiast but care about quality and look for flaws and I was nothing but blown away by how the picture looked. I have it hooked up to an Apple TV and tend to leave it on because the daily screen savers just look so beautiful on it that I catch myself commonly watching them. The expanse in UHD just looks amazing and watching the show on the TV in none UHD makes it very obvious just how much of a difference it can make.

I have this paired with a full Sonos system and feel that just adds so much more depth and life to the TV. Games and shows almost feel like they come alive in the room with how amazing it looks and then how the Sonos compliments it.

Some of the things I really like which I am sure has existed on many other models for awhile is how the TV knows what device is plugged in and that it is able to fully control that device. I have a harmony remote but find most of the time I just use the TV remote to control stuff like the Apple TV or PS4 as well as our cable box since all of these were detected and the remote naturally controls them. It might seem silly but I really like the way the TV turns on and off it just feels like a slick animation that I do enjoy.

I honestly can’t think of a single complaint I have about the TV but if that changes I will update my review because it has only been 2 weeks with it now.

I had actually been attempting to get the previous year model used originally, but after 2 mishaps with UPS I had decided it was best to get it new. I saw this model had Freesync which was a plus for hooking up my pc to it and figured I would spend the extra to get the newest version. The packing for it new did the job in allowing it to arrive undamaged even though they had still managed to put a hole in the box but it was on the back of the TV with no mark or scratch present.

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